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¿Por qué el pequeño príncipe deja su hogar en el asteroide B 612?

Porque está buscando un amigo

¿Qué aprende el pequeño príncipe sobre la amistad?

Que la amistad es valiosa y requiere tiempo y esfuerzo para cultivarla

¿Cuál es la crítica principal del libro hacia el mundo de los adultos?

Que carecen de imaginación

Study Notes

  • The story is about a pilot who meets a little prince from asteroid B 612 in the Sahara desert.
  • The little prince asks the pilot to draw him a sheep and never forgets a question.
  • The little prince lived on an asteroid with three volcanoes and a dramatic flower.
  • He leaves his home to search for a friend and visits several other asteroids before arriving on Earth.
  • On Earth, he meets a variety of eccentric characters and learns about the strange world of adults.
  • He meets a fox who teaches him about friendship and love for his flower.
  • The little prince is motivated to return to his planet due to nostalgia and disappointment with the adult world.
  • The story highlights the importance of friendship and enjoying life.
  • It also criticizes the seriousness and lack of imagination in the adult world.
  • The book is a beloved classic and has been translated into numerous languages.

How well do you know "The Little Prince"? Test your knowledge of the beloved classic with our quiz! From the characters he meets on Earth to the lessons he learns about friendship and imagination, this quiz will challenge your understanding of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's famous tale. See if you can recall details about the little prince's home planet, his encounters with the fox, and his ultimate decision to return home. This quiz is perfect for fans of the book looking to test their knowledge and

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