The History of the Relational Data Model Quiz

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Which term refers to the total number of tuples or rows present in a relation?


What does a relational database schema consist of?

Relation schemas and integrity constraints

What is a relation instance or relation state?

A set of tuples at a given moment of time

Which company first implemented the relational model commercially?


Who is credited with inventing the relational data model?

Ted Codd

What is a tuple in the context of a relational database?

A row

What is the degree or arity of a relation?

The number of attributes in a relation schema

The degree of this relation student is ______


The cardinality of this student relation is ______


A relational database schema is a set of ______ and a set of integrity constraints

relation schemas

Ted Cord invented the ______ data model in 1970


The first commercial implementations of the relational model were by ______ and IBM


A ______ is a set of possible values that you can input for an attribute


A relation schema is made up of a relation name and a list of ______


Test your knowledge on the history of the relational data model with this quiz. Learn about its introduction in 1970 and the key individuals involved in its development.

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