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What is the origin of the name 'Olympics'?

It was named after the Greek city where the first games took place

Why did the Roman Emperor Theodosius I ban the Olympics in 393 AD?

Because he was a Christian and didn't like pagan festivals

What is the belief of Hindus about the consequences of their actions?

That their actions will affect their future lives

Who was the founder of Buddhism?

A Indian prince named Siddhartha Gautama

When did the modern Olympic Games start again?

In 1896 in Athens

What is the approximate number of Buddhists in the world today?

500 million

Who is the founder of Christianity?

Jesus Christ

What is the name of the holy book followed by Muslims?

The Quran

What is the primary role of media in popular culture?

Spreading information and ideas quickly

Which of the following countries is known for its significant contribution to global popular culture?

The United States

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