The Great Migration and Jim Crow Laws

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What caused James to stop speaking for eight years?

Missing his mother

Which famous characters did James Earl Jones voice in movies?

Darth Vader and Mufasa

What was a common job opportunity available to Black Southerners after the Civil War?

Sharecroppers on farms

What was the Great Migration responsible for?

Providing better lives for Black Southerners in the North

Why did many Black Americans leave the South in the early 1900s?

In search of a better life

Why did James and his family travel by train in the Jim Crow car?

They were not allowed in other train cars due to segregation laws.

How did Jim Crow laws impact Black students' education during the Great Migration?

Forced Black students to work on farms, taking away time from their education.

Why did James' family bring their own fried chicken and eggs to eat on the train journey?

They were not allowed in the dining car due to segregation laws.

What caused James to have a stutter by the time his family reached Michigan?

His fear of speaking up against unfair treatment.

Why did James' grandfather not speak up when some white children broke the family's wagon in Mississippi?

He believed it was inappropriate for Black people to speak up against unfair treatment.

Test your knowledge about the Great Migration of Black people from the South to the North and West in the early 20th century, as well as the discriminatory Jim Crow laws that enforced racial segregation. Learn about the challenges and experiences of individuals like James and his family during this significant period in American history.

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