The French Revolution and the Birth of Nationalism Quiz

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Who proclaimed that it was the people who would constitute the nation?

The French revolutionaries

What was the new French flag chosen to replace?

A former royal standard

What was the name given to the estate general after the French revolution?

The national assembly

What were the two ideas emphasized by the French revolutionaries?

La patrie (the fatherland) and le citoyen (the citizen)

What measures and practices were introduced by the French revolutionaries to create a sense of collective identity?

Various measures and practices, including the introduction of la patrie, le citoyen, and a new flag

Test your knowledge on the origins of nationalism with this quiz! Explore the role of the French Revolution in the emergence of nationalism in 1789, and how it led to significant political and constitutional changes. Discover the transfer of sovereignty from the monarchy to the French citizens, and delve into the revolutionary proclamation that shaped the course of history.

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