The Five Core Filipino Values

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What is the popular phrase in the Philippines that means overcoming problems?

Ayos Na

What is the aspiration of Filipinos that is based on the concept of 'Abundance' and 'Relief'?


What does 'Ginhawa' imply in Bisaya?

A breath

What is the characteristic of Filipinos that allows them to assist others without asking for anything in return?


What is the term used to describe the Filipino's respect not only to elderly but also to other people's properties, emotions, and ideas?


What is the underlying aspiration of Filipinos that leads to the value of Mapagpasalamat?

Pamumuhay (Life) and Pananalig sa Diyos at Kapwa (God and People Faith)

Why do Filipinos endure being away from home, such as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)?

To offer their families a healthy life

What is the basis of the Filipino value of Matatag?

Belief in the greater being

What is a characteristic of Filipinos that helps them cope with difficult circumstances?

Being cheerful and sociable

What is the Filipino phrase commonly used to express gratitude to a higher being?

Salamat sa Diyos

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Filipinos according to the text?


How do Filipinos respond to excellent acts of others towards them?

They do their utmost to return the favor

Explore the fundamental values of Filipino culture, based on Dr. Ramirez's study, including Mapagpasalamat and more. Learn how these values shape the Filipino worldview and aspirations. Discover the importance of faith, life, and relationships in Filipino culture.

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