The First President of the United States

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Who was the first president of the United States?

George Washington

When did the first president serve?


Which president is often referred to as the 'Father of His Country'?

George Washington

Which of the following factors can affect drug absorption?

All of the above

Which of the following can alter gastric emptying time?

Forming drug complexes

Which of the following can lead to metabolism interactions between drugs?

All of the above

How can excretion of drugs be affected?

All of the above

Why is penicillin often administered with probenecid?

To increase penicillin's drug levels by decreasing renal excretion

Test your knowledge of the first president of the United States with this quiz! Discover who held the prestigious title, when they served, and who is known as the 'Father of His Country'. Challenge yourself and see how much you know about this significant figure in American history.

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