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What has enabled complex life to evolve on Earth?

The stability of oceanic conditions and atmosphere

What is remarkable about Earth's conditions?

The stability maintained throughout its entire history

What has facilitated the rich biological evolution of Earth?

The stable oceanic conditions and atmosphere

What has enabled Earth to retain its water and habitability?

Size and geology of the planet

What protects the precious water that enables complex life to evolve on Earth?

The stable atmosphere for billions of years

Life has woven itself into the fabric of the planet and has shaped the ______ and the oceans so that now life itself maintains the very atmosphere that protects our fragile ecosystems. But as the sun continues to grow hotter, temperatures on Earth rise, upsetting weather patterns, raising great storms across the planet, and devastating droughts.


The fate of the planets is intricately tied with that of the star that they orbit. So for our own ______ system, the sun dictates our fate. As our sun has changed, so has the potential for life on our neighboring planets. Their history shows that habitability is a delicate balance that doesn't always last. There is only one planet that has retained its water and habitability, and that's Earth.


What's remarkable about Earth is the ______ of those conditions that Earth has been able to maintain oceanic conditions at its surface throughout its entire history through billions of years. And that's what's facilitated the very rich biological evolution of Earth. Earth is a very special place. It's the only place in the universe where we know definitively that there is life.


For that to happen, you need not just liquid water appearing on a planet, but liquid water staying on a planet. And that's the magic of Earth, thanks to the size and geology of our planet. The ______ has remained stable enough for billions of years, protecting the precious water that has enabled complex life to evolve.


Test your knowledge about the relationship between stars and planets, and how it impacts habitability. Explore the delicate balance of conditions that allow for life to thrive on different celestial bodies.

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