The Crossing of the Red Sea

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What did Pharaoh decide to do after letting the Bnei Yisrael go?

He regretted letting them go and decided to recapture them.

Who had the courage to jump into the Red Sea first?


According to Rabbi Yossi Hagelili, how many plagues were the Egyptians struck with at the sea?

Fifty plagues

What did the Jews do once they passed through the sea?

They sang a song of gratitude to Hashem

What did the Jews exclaim in the song of gratitude?

This is my God

According to Rashi, who beheld at the Red Sea what even the prophets never saw? What does this mean?

Maid servants. This means they experienced a greater revelation of Hashem than great prophets.

What was the significance of the Jews identifying God as 'This is my God'?

In His glory did He reveal Himself to them and they identified Him clearly

What forced the Bnei Yisrael to have Matzah instead of bread?

They had no time to bake bread before leaving in a hurry.

According to Rashi, what do the three different words used to describe the drowning of the Egyptian army signify?

The three types of people: wicked, very wicked, and extremely wicked.

How did the Torah describe the drowning of the wicked ones?

Like lead sinking quickly to the bottom of the water.

What were the purposes of the splitting of the Red Sea?

To travel on dry land through the sea, to have a greater connection to Hashem.

Study Notes

Test your knowledge of the story of the Israelites' exodus from Egypt, including the events leading up to their departure, their encounter with the Red Sea, and the pursuit by the Egyptians.

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