The English Renaissance

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During the Renaissance, artists, writers, and scholars focused on understanding the natural world rather than the spiritual world.


What does the term 'Renaissance' mean?


What was the impact of the printing press during the Renaissance?

Ideas spread more quickly

When did Henry VIII break with the Roman Catholic Church?


Who became the first ruler of the Tudor dynasty in England?

Henry Tudor

Which period of history followed the devastating plagues of the late Middle Ages?

The Renaissance

What did artists, writers, and scholars focus on during the Renaissance?

Rediscovering classical Greek and Roman ideas

When did Henry Tudor become the first ruler of the Tudor dynasty in England?


What was the impact of the Protestant Reformation?

The founding of the Church of England

What percentage of England's population was literate by 1530?

More than half

Test your knowledge of the English Renaissance and its celebration of human achievement. Explore the artistic and intellectual advancements of this period through questions on art, literature, and cultural shifts. Discover the impact of individual creativity and the human spirit during this transformative era.

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