The East India Company

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Who appointed the East India Company as the Diwan of Bengal?

The Mughal emperor

Where did the event of the appointment most likely take place?

In Robert Clive's tent

What did the Company become as Diwan?

The chief financial administrator

What was the purpose of the painting commissioned by Clive?

To record the memorable events in Clive's life

Which event led to the decline of indigo production after the revolt of 1857?

The refusal of ryots to grow indigo

What was the main concern of the Company as Diwan?

Organizing revenue resources

What was the main reason for the East India Company colonizing the region?

To establish themselves as the chief and economic overseer

Why did the workers refuse to grow indigo?

They believed that the British government would support them

What did the indigo commission propose to the ryots?

To complete their existing contract and then stop growing indigo

When did the East India Company become the Diwan of Bengal?

12 August 1765

Test your knowledge of the East India Company's rise to power in India with this quiz. Explore the events surrounding the Company's appointment as the Diwan of Bengal in 1765 and discover the historical significance of this milestone.

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