The Dying Sun Quiz: Book II (Part I) 2023

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What happened when a wandering star came near the sun?

It produced an immense tidal wave over the surface of the sun because of its gravitational pull.

What happened as the wandering star came nearer and nearer to the sun?

The huge mountain of burning matter rose higher and higher, and was torn into pieces by the tidal pull of the star.

Why does a star seldom find another star near it?

These stars are at immense distances from one another.

What are planets and how did they come into existence?

Planets are the moving heavenly bodies that revolve round the sun due to some forces. They came into existence when the mountain of solar matter was torn into pieces by the tidal pull of the other star, and these pieces started revolving round the sun.

Why is there no life on the stars?

These stars are too hot and without air and water, making life impossible.

Test your knowledge about 'The Dying Sun' by James Jeans with this quiz on Book II (Part I) 2023. Answer questions about stars, distances in space, and celestial interactions.

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