The Constitutional Convention of 1787

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Who called together the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia?

Edmund Randolph

Which plan called for a unicameral legislature with equal representation for each state?

New Jersey Plan

What was the purpose of the Constitutional Convention?

To amend the Articles of Confederation

What was the outcome of the debates over the form of government at the Constitutional Convention?

The Great Compromise was adopted

What was the main issue of debate during the Constitutional Convention?


Why did debates at the Constitutional Convention remain secret?

To avoid outside pressures

What was the outcome of the debates over the Articles of Confederation at the Constitutional Convention?

The Articles of Confederation were scrapped

Which compromise gave additional voting power to slaveholding states in the House of Representatives?

The Three-Fifths Compromise

What was the purpose of the Commerce Compromise?

To regulate trade

What was the Fugitive Slave Clause in the Constitution?

A requirement for states to aid in the return of enslaved people

What did the Presidency Compromise agree on?

A 4-year term and indirect election of the President

What was the final hurdle for the Constitution to go into effect?

Ratification by nine states

What was the key issue in the debate between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists?

The proper role of government

What did the Federalists support?

A strong central government and the Constitution

What did the Anti-Federalists oppose?

Ratification of the Constitution

Test your knowledge on the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and its historical context. Explore the balance between liberty and security, the purpose of the convention, and the states' representation in this pivotal event in American history.

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