The City of God

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What is the overall theme of Augustine's Confessions?

Praising God for His attributes

According to Augustine, why did he write the City of God?

To provide an explanation for why the city of Rome was sacked

In Augustine's Confessions, what is the function of time according to him?

A function of our memory or perception

Which aspect of time does Augustine focus on when discussing memory?

Past time

What is one of the ways Augustine impacted philosophy?


According to Augustine, what is the nature of evil?

Augustine explores the nature of evil in his works

Test your knowledge on Augustine's "City of God" with this quiz! Explore the reasons behind its writing and delve into its fascinating structure, covering topics such as the history of Rome, the inadequacy of Roman gods, contradictions in Roman philosophy, and the biblical creation story. Challenge yourself and discover the profound insights that this influential work offers.

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