The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Chapter 15

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Tom wanted to forget about Muff Potter and Indian Jim during the summer.


Tom saw Jim's face in the dark at night, making it difficult for him to sleep.


Tom and Joe Harper went fishing by the Mississippi River during the summer.


The boys decided to sleep on Treasure Island.


Three boys had the best dinner in the world on Jackson's Island.


Tom and Joe decided to run away and sleep out under the trees on Jackson's Island.


The boys had a luxurious dinner with a variety of dishes on Jackson's Island.


Tom, Joe, and Huck went to Jackson's Island in a big boat.


Tom found it easy to forget about Muff Potter and Injun Joe during the summer.


The boys decided to sleep out under the trees on Treasure Island.


Study Notes

Summer Vacation Begins

  • Tom didn't want to think about Muff Potter and Injun Joe, but it was difficult to forget about them.
  • During the summer, Tom and Joe Harper spent their days fishing and talking by the Mississippi River.

The Escape Plan

  • Tom suggested running away from home and sleeping under the trees on Jackson's Island, a desert island.
  • Joe agreed, and they decided to ask Huck Finn to join them.
  • They planned to take some food and keep their adventure a secret.

The Adventure Unfolds

  • That night, the three boys took a small boat to Jackson's Island.
  • They brought bread and meat, and Huck brought his pipe.
  • They cooked their dinner over a fire and had the best meal in the world.
  • After dinner, they stopped talking and fell asleep under the trees.

Explore the events in Chapter 15 of 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' as Tom and Joe plan an exciting adventure away from their hometown. Discover how their decision to run away leads them to Jackson's Island and sets the stage for further escapades.

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