Testing & Simulation for Artificial Organs

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What is the significance of biological systems being highly complex?

It requires virtual exploration of many scenarios to understand

What is the purpose of discretizing the geometry in Computational Fluid Dynamics?

To model flow physics

Why is it impossible to understand biological systems without computers?

Because biological systems are highly complex

What does ISO 10993 specify?

General standards for biological evaluation of medical devices

What is the main focus of testing according to the text?


What is the purpose of biocompatibility testing?

To assess the material's ability to perform with an appropriate host response

Which organization participates as a member in ISO?

DIN (German Institute for Standardization)

What does ISO 14708 specify?

Device-specific standards for circulatory support devices

What is the definition of biocompatibility according to the given text?

The ability of a material to perform with an appropriate host response

What is the main purpose of hemocompatibility testing?

To assess the interaction of blood components with artificial material

What is thrombogenesis primarily associated with in hemocompatibility testing?

High shear rates and regions of stasis

In the context of in-vitro thrombogenicity testing, what does Virchow triad refer to?

Blood flow, endothelial injury, hypercoagulability

What are the limitations of pressure testing in in-vitro thrombogenicity?

Non-standardized test setups and analyses

What is the '3R' principle mentioned in the context of in-vivo hemocompatibility testing?

Replace, Reduce, Refine

What is the primary reason for using mock circulation loops in testing?

Simulation of pressure and flow in the circulatory system

What do numerical simulations specifically calculate in the context of testing?

Flow fields

What are the specific biological characteristics assessed in a centrifugal blood pump during testing?

Sterility and non-pyrogenicity

What does the HQ curve primarily illustrate in relation to a blood pump?

Hydraulic performance vs. pressure vs. flow

What does NIH stand for in the context of hemolysis testing?

Normalized Index of Hemolysis

Why is modeling important in medical device testing?

To reduce animal trials and further develop tests

What does PIV visualization primarily help with during testing?

Visualization of flow field

This quiz covers topics related to testing and simulation of artificial organs, including general aspects, biocompatibility, hemodynamics, and device-specific parameters. It also includes simulation testing, medical device development, design and prototyping, preclinical and clinical testing, mechanical strength, functionality, degradation, and shelf life.

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