Test Your Knowledge of Networking Tools and Materials

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What are the three steps to manage health and safety at work?

Identify the hazard, assess the risk, and make the changes

What is the purpose of hazard identification in OHS procedures?

To determine the likelihood and seriousness of harm from a hazard

Who is responsible for fixing hazards in the workplace?


What should employees do if they are unsure about the safest way to do something during work experience?

Ask for help or instructions

Study Notes

  1. Networking materials/tools are essential for forming a network.
  2. Crimping tool is used to conjoin metal pieces.
  3. Punch-down tool is used to terminate wires.
  4. Wire stripper is used to strip electrical insulation from wires.
  5. LAN cable tester is used for testing ethernet cables.
  6. Long nose pliers are useful for reaching small areas.
  7. Side cutter pliers are used to cut wires and metals.
  8. Flat-head and Philips screwdrivers are used to tighten or loosen screws.
  9. Allen wrench is an L-shaped hexagonal metal bar.
  10. Fiber optic cable, optical fiber connector, UTP cable, RJ45, and cable tie are commonly used in networking.

"Test Your Networking Tools Knowledge: Identify the Essential Tools and Materials" - Take this quiz and see how much you know about the tools and materials used in networking. From crimping tools to LAN cable testers, identify the essential tools and materials used in networking and learn about their functions. This quiz is perfect for networking enthusiasts and professionals who want to refresh their knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest tools and materials used in the industry.

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