Test Your Knowledge of 'ชีวะ' in Thai Language and Culture

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What does 'ชีวะ' refer to?


What is the meaning of 'ชีวะ'?


In the context of Thai language, what does 'ชีวะ' represent?

Life and living things

Study Notes

Understanding ชีวะ (Cheewa)

  • ชีวะ refers to life or vitality in the Thai language
  • It represents the concept of life force or energy
  • In Thai culture, ชีวะ is believed to be a vital component of a person's well-being and health

The term 'ชีวะ' is a Thai word that refers to the concept of "life" or "lifespan" in the context of Thai language and culture. This quiz will test your knowledge of the meaning and significance of 'ชีวะ' in the Thai language, allowing you to deepen your understanding of Thai vocabulary and cultural concepts.

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