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Which of the following statements about Slicers in Excel 2016 is true?

Clicking an item in a Slicer removes it from the PivotTable

What happens when you click a value in a Slicer in Excel 2016?

It creates a filter that limits the data displayed to only that value

What should you do if you want to display values related to multiple items in a Slicer in Excel 2016?

Click the Multi-Select button on the Slicer’s title bar

Study Notes

Slicers in Excel 2016

  • When you click a value in a Slicer, it filters the data to show only the records related to the selected value.
  • To display values related to multiple items in a Slicer, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the items.
  • This allows you to select multiple items in a Slicer and display all related data in the report.

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