Тест по основным областям математики

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What are the major subdisciplines of modern mathematics?

Number theory, algebra, geometry, and analysis

What do most mathematical activities involve?

Discovery of properties of abstract objects and the use of pure reason to prove them

What do mathematical objects consist of in modern mathematics?

Abstractions from nature or entities stipulated to have certain properties

What does a proof in mathematics consist of?

A succession of applications of deductive rules to already established results

What are the entities called that are stipulated to have certain properties in modern mathematics?


What is the maximum value of alternating current denoted by?


What does RMS value represent for an AC signal?

Effective or equivalent value

What does the derivation of RMS value involve?

Squaring the AC signal, taking the average of squared values, taking the square root of the average

Why is understanding RMS value important for working with AC circuits?

Allows comparison of AC signals to DC signals

What does the RMS value allow for in terms of AC and DC signals?


Как хорошо вы разбираетесь в основных областях математики? Пройдите этот тест, чтобы проверить свои знания по числам, формулам, геометрии и анализу.

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