Terminologies for Common Agents in Cross-Pollination

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What is the term for pollination brought about by bats?


Which of the following characteristics are common in flowers that are pollinated by birds?

Floral parts commonly feathery

Why do bats act as pollinators in the tropics according to the text?

As they do not see very well and feed at night

Which type of pollination involves the transfer of pollen by wind?


What type of flowers typically produce a strong scent of fermented fruit to attract pollinators?

Bat-pollinated flowers

Which plant species is an example of a bird-pollinated flower according to the text?

Nicotiana glauca

What is the distinctive feature of flowers pollinated by bats?

Dusky, dull-colored petals

Why are bird-pollinated flowers typically lack much scent?

Because birds do not have a strong sense of smell

What is the primary visual ability utilized by birds for flower identification?

Ultraviolet light vision

Why do bat-pollinated flowers produce abundant watery nectar according to the text?

To facilitate bat feeding and pollination

Learn about the different agents involved in cross-pollination, focusing on anemophily as a common method. Explore how anemophilous plants adapt to wind pollination and the characteristics of their flowers.

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