Telugu Language: Script, Grammar, Vocabulary

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టెలుగు స్వతంత్ర అక్షరాలు ఎన్ని?


What is the Telugu word for 'mother'?


'padhati' యొ�g�?


తెలుగు అక్షరమాల నుండి ఎన్ని స్వరాలు ఉన్నాయి?


తెలుగు గ్రామర్‌లో ప్రధాన ఆధారాలు ఏమి?

ഡ്രാവിഡ ഭാഷകള്‍

Telugu script యొ-కే అక్షరాలు ఎన్ను?


'Telugu' పదం '______' భాష అర్థ జోడ?


'Subject', 'Object', 'Verb' ఉప వై

Subject - Object - Verb

Study Notes

Telugu as a First Language

With over 74 million speakers worldwide, Telugu is the second most widely spoken language in India, following Hindi. As a first language, Telugu is rich in its unique script, grammar, and vocabulary, forming a fascinating tapestry that reflects the culture and heritage of its speakers.

Telugu Script

Telugu writing is based on the Devanagari script, but it has evolved into a distinct script of its own. It consists of 12 vowels (అఆఇఈఉఊఋఐ఑ఒఓఔ) and 36 consonants (అశ్చపససహశశహభశభదభదధధనధధమధయధరధరధవధశశహథథమథయథరథరణథణథచచచచచచఛఛఛఛఛఛఝఝఝఝఝఝఝఞఞఞఞఞటటటటటటఠఠఠఠఠథథథయథభభభయభభభిభిభిభమభమభయభయభరభరభరభవభవభశ్భశ్భశ్). The script is easy to read and write, with a clear distinction of vowels and consonants.

Telugu Grammar

Telugu grammar is primarily based on the principles of Dravidian languages. There are no gender distinctions in Telugu, making it simpler for beginners. Nouns and verbs are inflected to indicate number, tense, and mood. Telugu also uses word order to convey meaning, but the word order is often more flexible than in English.

Sentences are structured with a subject (subject pronoun or noun), object (noun or pronoun), and a verb. In sentences containing multiple verbs, the order is typically based on the tense of the verbs, with the present tense verb usually coming first. Telugu also uses a "light verb" construction, where a verb like "do" is used to make more complex sentences.

Telugu Vocabulary

Telugu vocabulary is rich and diverse, originating from its ancient roots and influences from Sanskrit, Persian, and Arabic. Telugu has a wide variety of words to describe people, places, and things, with many words unique to the language. Some common Telugu words include:

  • అందుబెలుగు (Andhra Bhasa) - Andhra language
  • చెప్పు (chappu) - rice
  • గోడా (gōḍā) - cow
  • మబ్బు (mabbu) - mother
  • పగ్గ (paggu) - father
  • పద్ధతి (padhati) - teacher
  • పశువు (pashuvu) - animal
  • స్వమియం (svamīyam) - home
  • శబ్ద (śabda) - word
  • శాశ్వత (śāśvata) - eternal

Telugu vocabulary also includes a wealth of specialized words for various fields, including science, technology, law, and medicine.

In summary, Telugu as a first language offers an enriching learning experience due to its unique script, simple grammar, and diverse vocabulary. Embracing Telugu as a first language allows individuals to access a fascinating world where culture, heritage, and language intertwine to create a beautiful tapestry of expression.

Explore the intricate script, simple grammar, and diverse vocabulary of Telugu as a first language. From the distinct Devanagari based script to the gender-neutral grammar and enriched vocabulary, delve into the unique characteristics that make Telugu a fascinating language.

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