Technology in the Classroom

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How are tablet computers used by students in the classroom?

To research information and take photographs

What can teachers do with the Internet on the whiteboard?

Show websites and educational programmes

What activity can teachers ask students to start on tablets?

Writing a blog

What task can students use tablets for in pair and group work?

Recording interviews

How can students share information with students from other schools?

By emailing what they have learnt

What is mentioned as a way of communicating with other schools?

Talking to people over the computer

What benefit do students in Jordan studying English have when communicating with students in England?

They can see what students in England are doing in the classroom

What feature of computers enables students to see people they are talking to over the computer?


In what way can students contribute to the website created for the classroom?

By posting work, photos, and messages

What activity are tablet computers specifically mentioned as ideal for?

Pair and group work

This quiz covers the integration of technology in classroom settings, including the use of whiteboards, tablets, and internet resources for educational purposes. It explores how teachers and students utilize technology to enhance learning experiences.

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