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Which type of network connects local area networks across a large geographic area?


What does the acronym NIC stand for?

Network interface card

What does the acronym MAC stand for in networking?

Media access control

What does the term LAN stand for?

Local area network

In networking, what does WAN stand for?

Wide Area Network

Which type of network involves users sharing computer resources in a limited area?


What causes the stretching of a received pulse?

Pulse dispersion

What is the term for the broadening of a pulse due to different path lengths taken through the fiber by different modes?

Modal dispersion

Which type of dispersion is caused by different propagation of the spectral components of the light pulse?

Chromatic dispersion

What does OTDR testing typically involve?

Measuring pulse dispersion

What is the term for the broadening of a light pulse due to different propagation velocities of polarization components?

Polarization mode dispersion

Which factor leads to the elimination of attenuation?

Extremely wide bandwidth

What is the maximum data speed that CAT6 cable can support?

1000 Mbps over 100 meters

What is the purpose of an uplink port on a hub or switch?

To connect multiple hubs/switches together

What do the link lights on a cable indicate?

If the transmit and receive pairs are aligned correctly

In networking, what does it mean when transmit and receive pairs are cross-connected?

The cable is aligned for data communication

What is the primary function of the 'ping -t' command?

To ping the IP address indefinitely

Which type of connector is used for twisted-pair Ethernet?

8-pin modular connector

In store-and-forward mode on a switch, what happens before any decision is made regarding forwarding the data packet?

The entire frame of data is received

What is an advantage of store-and-forward mode on a switch?

The switch checks the data packet for errors before forwarding

What is a disadvantage of store-and-forward mode on a switch?

Lengthy data packets exit the switch faster

In cut-through mode on a switch, when is a data packet forwarded to the destination?

As soon as the destination MAC address has been read

What distinguishes Layer 3 switches from Layer 2 switches?

Layer 3 switches handle packet switching by microprocessors

How does a Layer 2 switch handle packet switching?

Handles packet switching using programmed microprocessors

What is the term used for excessive broadcasts on a network?

Broadcast storm

What does association indicate in the context of networking devices?

The destination address of a packet

In networking, what happens if an association is detected?

The data packet is forwarded to the port

What occurs when a destination device is not connected to any port on the networking device?

Data packet is blocked from transmission

What command is used on a computer to view the contents of the ARP cache?

arp -a

What potential issue arises from excessive broadcasts on a network?

Bandwidth overload

Test your knowledge on network advanced data communication concepts with this quiz. Select the correct answers involving aspects such as extremely wide bandwidth, elimination of crosstalk, elimination of attenuation, and more.

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