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What is the role of teachers in the Teaching and Learning Practicum I?

Decide in advance how to assess when teaching is complete

What aspect of learning and teaching is emphasized in the course BSCI 1274 – Teaching & Learning in Developmental Services?

Developing theory and evidence-based knowledge about learning and teaching

What is the primary goal for learners as mentioned in the text under 'Teaching and Learning Practicum I'?

Behave as if they have no prior knowledge or skill in the task being taught

What is the primary focus of the Institute of Indigenous Learning at Fanshawe College?

Imparting knowledge and guidance to students, faculty, and staff

What is a key expectation for students in the classroom setting?

Respecting others by not talking when they are speaking

How is learning described according to Gagne (1985) in the provided text?

A process leading to changes in knowledge, skills, and attitudes

What responsibility does the author express towards the land and First Nations people in the text?

To respect their duties to the treaty and the current First Nations people

Based on the text, why does the author mention the original inhabitants of Southwestern Ontario?

To emphasize their historical presence and relationship with the land

Which of the following best describes the author's view of teaching and learning in relation to the land acknowledgment?

Teaching and learning should include perspectives from the original inhabitants

How does the text suggest that acknowledging the original inhabitants can benefit both parties?

By highlighting shared responsibilities and mutual respect

Explore quotes about teaching and learning philosophy, including perspectives on attending to people's needs, experiences, feelings, and the process of intervention to facilitate learning. Reflect on how teaching aims to help individuals go beyond the given.

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