Tamgaly Petroglyphs in Kazakhstan

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What age are the earliest petroglyphs at Tamgaly from?

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What is the main subject of the oldest carvings at Tamgaly?

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Where were most of the rock art carvings located in Tamgaly?

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What were equestrian tribes known for in the area during the Iron Age?

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How many petroglyphs were found by archaeologists around Tamgaly Gorge?

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What are some animals depicted in the Tamgaly petroglyphs besides horses and bulls?

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The Tamgaly petroglyphs were discovered by a French archaeological expedition in 1957.

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Most of the rock art at Tamgaly is found on the western side of the gorge.

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The petroglyphs at Tamgaly date back to the Stone Age, making them over 5,000 years old.

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The carvings at Tamgaly mainly depict images of people rather than animals.

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Equestrian tribes replaced bull carvings with images of horses at Tamgaly during the Bronze Age.

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The Tamgaly petroglyphs span different historical periods including the Middle Ages.

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Study Notes

Rock Art in Tamgaly

  • Prehistoric people represented their world and beliefs through visual images carved or painted on cave walls and rocks.
  • The Tamgaly petroglyphs in south-east Kazakhstan are incredibly beautiful and unmatched in variety and beauty worldwide.
  • The rock carvings were discovered in 1957 during an archaeological expedition in the Chu-Ili mountains organized by the Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences.

Characteristics of Tamgaly Petroglyphs

  • More than 5,000 petroglyphs were found in the area around Tamgaly Gorge, mostly on the eastern slopes.
  • The earliest petroglyphs date back to the 14th century BC, making them over 3,000 years old!
  • Many carvings are large (25 to 75 cm) and visible from a distance.
  • Artists used stone and metal tools to create these unique works of art.

Representation of Animals and Symbols

  • Most of the oldest carvings depict animals, with few images of people.
  • The bull was a symbol of power for people in the Bronze Age.
  • During the Iron Age, equestrian tribes settled in the area, replacing some bull carvings with horse images.
  • Other petroglyphs show deer, camels, wolves, wild asses, mountain goats, wild boar, and a few birds.

Historical Significance

  • The Tamgaly petroglyphs are special because they span different historical periods, from the Bronze Age and Iron Age to the Middle Ages.

Explore the fascinating world of prehistoric rock art at the Tamgaly petroglyphs site in Kazakhstan. Learn about the beautiful and diverse rock carvings discovered in the Chu-Ili mountains during an archaeological expedition in 1957.

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