The Black Plague in Europe
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The Black Plague in Europe

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What caused the spread of the Black Plague?

Lack of hygiene

What was a major factor in the spread of the plague?

Large families

What did the Black Plague reveal about living in cities?

The importance of good hygiene

How much of Europe's population did the plague kill?

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What were some things people blamed for the plague?

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Study Notes

  • The Black Plague was a deadly disease that killed many people in Europe in the 1300s.
  • The plague spread quickly in towns and cities, because of the dense population and lack of hygiene.
  • Large families were a major factor in the spread of the plague, as they were breeding grounds for the disease.
  • The plague was a perfect opportunity for the Back Plague, as it was a breeding ground for a disease in Europe.
  • Europe was in disarray at the time, with the poor becoming poorer and the rich reaping the benefits.
  • This led to a weakened immune system in the population, which made them more susceptible to the plague.
  • The Black Plague highlighted the dangers of living in crowded cities, and showed the importance of good hygiene.
  • The plague was a deadly disease that killed a third of Europe's population.
  • People blamed many things for the plague, including rats, Jews, and cats.
  • Laws were created to improve sanitation after the plague killed so many people.

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Test your knowledge about the Black Plague, a deadly disease that ravaged Europe in the 1300s. Learn about the factors that contributed to the spread of the plague and its impact on European society.

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