Systemic Factors in Dental Implants Quiz

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Which factor has a strong influence on the outcome of dental implants?

Systemic factors

What percentage of risk of implant failure is associated with smoking?


What percentage of risk of implant failure is associated with radiotherapy?


Is poor glycemic control an absolute contraindication for implant therapy?

No, if appropriate accommodation for delays in implant integration are considered

Which medical condition may modify the treatment plan for dental implants?

Uncontrolled hypertension

What is required in select cases for patients with certain medical conditions?

Getting clearance from the patient’s physician

What is extremely important prior to planning for dental implants?

Thorough systemic evaluation

Test your knowledge on systemic factors affecting dental implants with this quiz. Learn about the impact of conditions like smoking and radiotherapy on bone turnover and wound healing, and how they can influence the success of dental implant procedures.

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