Systematic Review on Educational Programs in Hearing Health

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What was the primary focus of the systematic review by Khan, Bielko, and McCullagh (2018)?

Describing the methodologies used in interventions related to hearing health

What was a limitation identified in the systematic review regarding the included studies?

Language restrictions leading to potential publication bias

Which of the following is typically NOT an aim of intervention studies related to hearing health, according to the systematic review?

Conducting audiometric testing and monitoring

According to the systematic review, which of the following is typically an aim of intervention studies related to hearing health?

Promoting self-care and healthy behaviors related to hearing health

Based on the information provided, what can be inferred about the systematic review's approach to evaluating the effectiveness of interventions?

It primarily focused on describing the interventions rather than evaluating their effectiveness

Explore key findings from a systematic review conducted by Khan, Bielko, and McCullagh in 2018, focusing on educational programs in environmental and occupational hearing health. Learn about intervention studies targeting self-care, healthy behaviors, risk factors, and prevention of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).

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