Sustainable Development: A Plastic-Free Society

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What is the main focus of the concept of sustainable development in relation to plastic?

Creating a plastic-free society

What is a major contributor to the rise of plastic pollution?

Rise in consumerism and single-use plastics

What is a simple step towards controlling plastic pollution?

Using reusable bags and containers

How can social contribution help in controlling plastic pollution?

By spreading awareness and using easy substitutes

What is an effective way to reduce plastic waste?

Recycling and reusing plastic products

Study Notes

Sustainable Development- A Plastic-free Society - highlighting – background of Plastic pollution, rise, spread, control, prevention, social contribution in controlling the danger through easy substitutes, reuse, recycle.

This quiz explores the issue of plastic pollution, its rise and spread, and ways to control and prevent it through social contributions, easy substitutes, reuse, and recycling. Test your knowledge on creating a sustainable, plastic-free society.

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