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What are the two basic mitzvot performed on Chag HaSukkot?

Living in a Sukkah and taking the lulav and etrog

What are some of the requirements of a sukkah?

A minimum of three walls, the roof must be directly under the sky and be made of natural, unprocessed materials

What are the Four Kinds that are taken during Sukkot? Give the Hebrew and English names

etrog (citron), lulav (palm frond), hadassim (myrtle twigs), and aravot (willow twigs)

What is Hakhel?

Hakhel is the special gathering where the king would read aloud from the Torah to the entire nation

Name two names that the Torah refers to Sukkot as and explain their meanings.

Chag HaAsif (Festival of Ingathering/Harvest Festival) and Chag HaSukkot (Festival of Booths). Chag HaAsif refers to the time of harvest and expressing appreciation for the bounty. Chag HaSukkot refers to dwelling in the sukkah, a foliage-covered booth.

What is the significance of Sukkot in terms of its date and historic events?

Unlike other Jewish holidays, Sukkot does not seem to commemorate a specific historic event. Its date is not associated with a particular event, but rather it is a time to celebrate the gathering of the harvest and to commemorate the protection provided by G-d when the children of Israel left Egypt.

What are the different parts of the festival of Sukkot and done on each of them?

Sukkot has several parts: the first two days are yom tov (holidays) with special observances including dwelling in a sukkah, taking the Four Kinds, and festive meals. The intermediate days are known as Chol Hamoed, quasi holidays during which we continue to dwell in the sukkah and take the Four Kinds. The final two days are a separate holiday called Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah, with its own customs and observances.

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Test your knowledge about Sukkot, a Jewish holiday that celebrates the harvest and commemorates the protection of the children of Israel. Find out how much you know about dwelling in sukkahs and the significance of the "Four Kinds" in this quiz!

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