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Which verb form is correct for the singular subject 'the train'?


What type of verb is required for plural subjects?

plural verbs

What type of verb is needed for compound subjects connected by 'and'?

plural verbs

What is the most common error in verb agreement?

Treating the object of a preposition as part of the subject

How can one consistently match subjects with their proper verbs?

By studying subject-verb agreement rules and learning how to separate prepositional phrases from the subjects

Study Notes

Subject-Verb Agreement

  • Subject-verb agreement is a grammatical concept where the subject and main verb of a sentence must align.

Understanding Subject and Verb

  • The subject is the person or thing performing the action in a sentence.
  • The verb is the action itself.

Rules for Subject-Verb Agreement

  • Singular subjects take singular verbs.
  • Plural subjects take plural verbs.

Examples of Proper Subject-Verb Agreement

  • Singular subject with a singular verb: "Michigan has four distinct seasons."
  • Plural subject with a plural verb: "The hyenas feed on what the lions leave behind."
  • Collective noun as a singular subject with a singular verb: "The audience treats the host like a deity."
  • Relative pronoun "who" taking a plural meaning: "Lyle is one of the guys who play cricket with me on Sundays."

Test your knowledge of subject-verb agreement with this quiz. Assess your understanding of how subjects and verbs must align in a sentence, whether singular or plural. Master this fundamental grammar concept through interactive questions.

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