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What is the primary focus of teaching, according to the text?

Service to the students

How does the author approach adjusting the curriculum?

By accommodating the ultimate learning goals of the students

What does the author believe is the best way to learn something?

By hearing how something works and trying to do it yourself

How does the author handle directing students to other learning tools?

By setting all ego aside and directing them to the best possible learning tools

Study Notes

The Author's Teaching Approach

  • The primary focus of teaching is on supporting student learning and understanding.
  • The author adjusts the curriculum by being adaptable and responsive to students' needs and interests.
  • The author believes that the best way to learn something is through active learning and hands-on experiences.
  • The author directs students to other learning tools by providing guidance and recommendations, rather than simply assigning tasks.

Teaching Philosophy Quiz: Discover your approach to student-centered teaching and learning. Learn how to engage with students' interests and adapt your curriculum to meet their ultimate learning goals. Find out how to prioritize the needs of your students and create an honest and effective learning environment.

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