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What was Lencho doing throughout the morning before it started raining?

Observing the sky

Why did Lencho go out when it started raining?

To feel the rain on his body

What did Lencho compare the big raindrops to when they started falling?

New coins

How did Lencho describe the hailstones that started falling later?

Frozen pearls

What happened right after a strong wind started blowing?

Large hailstones started to fall

What was the initial reaction of the boys when large hailstones began to fall?

They ran out to collect the frozen pearls

What was the initial reaction of the man to the hailstorm?

He was saddened by the destruction caused by it.

Why did Lencho believe that a plague of locusts would have been less damaging than the hailstorm?

Locusts do not destroy the flowers on plants.

What was Lencho's main hope after the hailstorm?

To replant his field and survive until the new crop comes.

What did Lencho write in the letter he addressed to God?

'If you don't help us, my family and I will go hungry this year.'

What was the postmaster's initial reaction upon reading Lencho's letter addressed to God?

He found it amusing and laughed heartily.

Why did the postmaster decide to answer Lencho's letter even though he knew it would be challenging?

Out of respect for Lencho's unwavering faith in God.

Study Notes

The Setting

  • The house sits on a low hill overlooking the river and a field of ripe corn with flowers, promising a good harvest.
  • The only thing the earth needs is a downpour or shower.

Lencho's Family

  • Lencho's family consists of his wife, older boys who work in the field, and smaller ones who play near the house.

The Rain and Hailstorm

  • Lencho predicts a downpour, and big drops of rain start falling from the sky, bringing joy to the family.
  • The rain turns into a strong wind and large hailstones that resemble new silver coins.
  • The hailstorm lasts for an hour, destroying the cornfield, leaving it white and bare of leaves.

The Aftermath

  • The hailstorm leaves nothing, and Lencho's cornfield is totally destroyed, leaving the family without a harvest.
  • The family is sorrowful, but they hold onto the hope of help from God, remembering that no one dies of hunger.

Lencho's Letter to God

  • Lencho writes a letter to God, asking for a hundred pesos to sow his field again and live until the next crop comes.
  • He puts the letter in an envelope addressed to God and takes it to the post office.

The Post Office

  • The postmaster and an employee laugh at the letter, but the postmaster decides to answer it, not wanting to shake Lencho's faith in God.

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