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What is the final step to activate the account according to the text?

Reviewing and proceeding to Esign/Physical Mode

What is required for Autofetch of statement to take place?

Entering any phone number linked to bank account

What is the purpose of verifying bank details in the process?

To activate the account

Which step involves the Rupee 1 credit from Samco according to the text?

Reviewing and proceeding to Esign/Physical Mode

What is the purpose of entering a mobile number in the process?

To activate the account

What is a valid proof of income according to the checklist provided?

Salary Slip of the current month

Which document is NOT considered valid for holding statement as income proof?

DP Stamp

What is a reason for document rejection mentioned in the text?

Mismatch in client name on bank proof

Which of the following is required for Form 16 as income proof?


What type of bank proof is NOT mentioned in the checklist provided?

Credit Card Statement

Why would a PAN card be rejected?

Older photograph on the card

What is the purpose of Know Your Customer (KYC) standards?

To prevent fraud, corruption, and money laundering

What does the settlement cycle refer to in the context of trading?

The process of transferring shares from seller to buyer

Which agency is responsible for maintaining KYC records of investors centrally on behalf of SEBI-registered intermediaries?

KYC Registration Agency (KRA)

What type of account allows investors to hold their shares in an electronic form?

Demat Account

In the context of commodity trading, what does a Commodity Account refer to?

An account used for free buying and selling of goods

What role does the Exchange play in the context of share transfers?

It collects shares from sellers and transfers them to buyers

What are some essential elements for understanding market dynamics and option sensitivities?

Delta, theta, gamma, and vega

What does GTT OCO stand for in the context of investment?

Good-Till-Triggered One-Cancels-Other

How many orders can be placed in a single click with a Basket order?

50 orders

What is the final step after completing the account opening form for Samco?

Receive official confirmation from Samco

What document is NOT required for attaching with the account opening form?

Driving License

Which step comes after filling out the account opening form for Samco?

Attach the required documents

What is the purpose of the 'Event Calendar' feature mentioned in the text?

To view upcoming corporate actions of companies

What type of recommendations does the Research team provide according to the text?

Recommendations for short-term and long-term trading across different instruments

What does the 'Options Greeks' feature help traders calculate?

The sensitivity of an options contract price to various factors

Which feature helps advanced traders categorize stocks and indices into different categories like long build up and short covering?

Future open interest analytics tab

What is the main benefit of comparing your index with star fund managers as mentioned in the text?

To gain insights from successful fund managers

What can users do with the 'Fii Dii tab' feature according to the text?

Analyze institutional investing trends

Test your knowledge on the stock exchange settlement cycle and the role of KYC Registration Agency (KRA) in maintaining investor records. Understand the process of transferring shares and funds in the stock market.

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