Stigmatized Schizophrenia and Spectrum Disorders

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What is Szasz's perspective on schizophrenia and mental illnesses?

They are metaphors representing 'problems in living'.

According to DSM-5 criteria, which of the following is NOT a criterion for schizophrenia?

Continuous sings of disturbance persisting for 3 months

What does the Diathesis-Stress model propose about schizophrenia?

It results from the interaction between predisposition and stress.

Which of the following is NOT a component of the Biological Model of schizophrenia?

Family dysfunction and high expressed emotion

What did Rosenhan's 'pseudo-patient' study reveal about social labeling and schizophrenia?

That the diagnosis of schizophrenia can cause symptoms itself.

What was a common reinforcement mechanism used in long-term hospitalization for schizophrenia?

Token economy to reinforce behavior

What proportion of individuals with schizophrenia are believed to recover?

1 in 7

Which type of delusion involves the belief that one is being victimized?


What is the term for made-up words used by individuals with schizophrenia?

What is a common type of delusion experienced by individuals with schizophrenia?

Delusional parasitosis - false belief of being infested with parasites

Which of the following is a negative symptom associated with schizophrenia?

Blunted affect - diminished emotional expression

Which abnormal motor behavior in schizophrenia involves a marked decrease in reactivity to the environment?


What is a common symptom of disorganized thought inferred from speech in individuals with schizophrenia?

Incoherence ('word salad')

Which of the following is categorized as an auditory hallucination in schizophrenia?

Command hallucinations

What is a significant belief held by mental health professionals regarding schizophrenia prognosis?

The majority of individuals with schizophrenia have a poor long-term outlook

Learn about the stigmatization of schizophrenia and its spectrum disorders, as well as common misconceptions held by mental health providers. Explore the defining characteristics of schizophrenia spectrum disorders, including delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking, abnormal behaviors, and negative symptoms.

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