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Who gave approval to prescribe the textbook?

The Coordination Committee formed by GR No. Abhyas - 2116/(Pra.Kra.43/16) SD - 4

When was it decided to implement the textbook?

2020-21 educational year

Who reserves all rights relating to the book?

Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum Research

Who is the Chairman of the Commerce Committee?

Dr. Narendra Pathak

Where can full text and audio-visual study material be accessed?

By scanning the Q.R. Code on the textbook page using the DIKSHA App

11th और 12th के लिए लाइव सेशन किसके लिए है?

विगोरिय के लिए

आपको क्या करना होगा अगर आप इस सेशन को ज्वाइन करना चाहते हैं?

व्हाट्सएप नंबर पर मैसेज ड्रॉप करना होगा

चैप्टर फाइव का विषय क्या है?


किसकी टीम आपको इस सेशन के डिटेल्स शेयर करेगी?

मेरी टीम

किसके लिए यह लाइव सेशन है जिसे आपको ज्वाइन करना है?

11th और 12th के छात्र

Study Notes

Introduction to Integration Topics in Maths

  • Akash Agrawal is the maths tutor, covering integration topics for commerce students in Chapter 5.
  • The entire chapter will be covered in a single video, with complete notes provided in a telegram channel.
  • Time stamps for the video will be provided in the description.

Coverage of Topics

  • The tutorial will cover all aspects of integration, starting from the basics, with emphasis on mortal exercises and study materials.
  • Additional question banks from previous years (2012-2022) will be covered, along with mock test papers and printed hand-written notes.
  • The study plan will cover entire chapters, section-wise, with unlimited doubt-solving support.

unique Selling Points

  • Complete solutions for maths problems without any additional costs.
  • A comprehensive study plan covering the entire syllabus.

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