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What is SQL primarily used for?

Data administration and manipulation

How is structured data organized in SQL?

Into tables, rows, columns, and indexes

What is an example of unstructured data?

Video files

What is the primary purpose of a database?

To organize and manage data for easy access

What does RDBMS stand for?

Relational Database Management System

What is the primary purpose of prefabrication in construction?

The primary purpose of prefabrication in construction is to control construction costs by economizing on time, wages, and materials.

What are some examples of prefabricated units mentioned in the text?

Examples of prefabricated units mentioned in the text include doors, stairs, window walls, wall panels, floor panels, roof trusses, room-sized components, and even entire buildings.

When did the modern sense of prefabrication date from?

The modern sense of prefabrication dates from about 1905.

What is the difference between pre-fab construction and traditional construction in terms of building component fabrication?

In pre-fab construction, building components are pre-fabricated in yards and brought to the construction site for installation, while in traditional construction, all components are casted at the construction site.

Why are pre-fab constructions faster to complete compared to traditional construction?

Pre-fab constructions are faster to complete because many components are casted together in advance and installed at the site without delay.

Test your knowledge of SQL basics with this introductory quiz. Explore commands and functions, data administration, data manipulation, and database querying. Perfect for beginners looking to solidify their understanding of SQL concepts.

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