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In the Speed Archive Test-1, what is the maximum duration of the entire test?

2 hours and 30 minutes

How many total questions are there in the Speed Archive Test-1?


What subjects are covered in Part A of the Speed Archive Test-1?

Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics

How many sections are there in each part of the question paper?


What is the marking scheme for Section-II of each part?

+4 for correct answer and -1 for wrong answer

What type of questions are there in Section-I of each part?

Multiple choice questions with one correct answer

A cylindrical vessel containing a liquid is rotated about its axis. The difference in the height of the liquid at the centre of the vessel and at the side will be?

4 cm

What is the amplitude of the magnetic field of a plane electromagnetic wave with a frequency of 2.0 × 10^10 Hz and energy density of 1.02 × 10–8 J/m^3 in vacuum?

190 nT

What is the ratio of tension TX to TZ in two identical strings X and Z if their fundamental frequencies are 450 Hz and 300 Hz, respectively?


A bead of mass m stays at point P(a, b) on a wire bent in the shape of a parabola y = 4Cx^2 and rotating with angular speed ω. What is the value of ω?


What is the path difference between waves reaching a point on a screen from two thin slits 1 mm apart, if a bright fringe is observed at a distance of 1.27 mm from the central bright fringe? (Wavelength λ = 632.8 nm)

1.27 μm

If speed V, area A, and force F are chosen as fundamental units, what will be the dimension of Young’s modulus?


In the figure, shown is a one meter long rod AB held in horizontal position by two strings tied to its ends and attached to the ceiling. The tension in the string at A is?


The mass density of a spherical galaxy varies over a large distance 'r' from its centre. In that region, a small star is in a circular orbit of radius R. Then the period of revolution, T depends on R as?


A uniform cylinder of mass M and radius R is to be pulled over a step of height 'a' by applying a force F at its centre 'O' perpendicular to the plane through the axes of the cylinder. What will be the work done?


A rigid and uniform one meter long rod AB is held in horizontal position by two strings tied to its ends and attached to the ceiling. The rod has another weight of mass 2m hung at a distance of 75 cm from A. What will be the tension in the string at A?

0.75 mg

Test your knowledge with Speed Archive Test-1 Corporate Office, featuring sections on Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. This 2:30-hour test contains 90 questions and covers a syllabus of 300 marks. Get ready to challenge yourself!

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