Speech Acts

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What is a speech act?

An utterance that expresses an intention

What does the text imply by 'To speak is to act'?

Speaking is not merely designating something, it actually does something

What does a speaker intend to do when uttering a sentence according to the text?

Have some effect on the listener to recognize their intention

What is a locutionary act?

The act of saying something or writing something in a language.

What is an illocutionary act?

The intention behind saying or writing something.

What does the text mean by 'To speak is to act'?

Every time a speaker utters a sentence, they are attempting to accomplish something with words.

What is the basic unit of language used to express meaning?

Speech Act

What is the literal meaning of a locutionary act?

The actual words spoken or written in a language.

Test your knowledge of speech acts with this quiz! Explore the basic units of language used to express intentions and meanings, and understand how speech is more than just designating something - it actually does something. See how speaking is an act in itself and challenge yourself with questions related to speech acts.

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