Spanish Vocabulary: The Body - El Cuerpo

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What is the Spanish word for 'the eyebrow'?

La ceja

How do you say 'the eyes' in Spanish?

Los ojos

Which body part is 'la frente' in Spanish?

The forehead

What is the Spanish word for 'the finger'?

El dedo

How do you say 'the mouth' in Spanish?

La boca

Which body part is 'el pie' in Spanish?

The foot

What is the Spanish word for 'hand'?


Which body part is referred to as 'oreja' in Spanish?


How do you say 'teeth' in Spanish?


Which body part is represented by 'pierna' in Spanish?


What does 'ceja' mean in Spanish?


Which body part is 'estómago' in Spanish?


What is the purpose of the Spanish worksheets created by Liesl and Sra. Morato?

Learning basic Spanish vocabulary and concepts

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as one of the Spanish printables created this year?

Advanced Spanish Grammar Exercises

What is encouraged in the text if parents have specific requests when introducing their child to the Spanish language?

To let Liesl and Sra. Morato know

Where can individuals find extra resources related to the Spanish program mentioned in the text?

@sra.morato Facebook Group

What should individuals do to receive updates from the Homeschool Den Newsletter?

Subscribe to the Homeschool Den Newsletter

Who collaborated with Liesl to create the Spanish worksheets mentioned in the text?


Study Notes

Body Parts in Spanish

  • The body parts song "Tienes que tocar" is a fun way to learn body parts in Spanish.
  • The song includes body parts such as head, shoulders, knees, and toes (hombros, rodillas, pies).

Body Parts Vocabulary

  • El cuerpo: the body
  • Ceja: eyebrow
  • La frente: forehead
  • Ojo: eye
  • Oreja: ear
  • La boca: mouth
  • Los labios: lips
  • Los dientes: teeth
  • El cuello: neck
  • El pecho: chest
  • Los brazos: arms
  • Mano: hand
  • El estómago: stomach
  • La rodilla: knee
  • La pierna: leg
  • Los pies: feet
  • Los dedos: toes

Grammar Rules

  • Nouns in Spanish have number and gender.
  • Pay attention to the singular or plural form of nouns when referring to body parts.
  • Pay attention to the gender of nouns (masculine or feminine).


  • El ojo: the eye (singular, masculine)
  • La ceja: the eyebrow (singular, feminine)
  • Los ojos: the eyes (plural, masculine)
  • Las cejas: the eyebrows (plural, feminine)

Action Steps

  • Print the worksheets to learn body parts vocabulary.
  • Review the vocabulary using flashcards or online resources.
  • Watch videos to make learning fun and meaningful.

Test your knowledge of Spanish vocabulary related to the human body. Practice identifying body parts such as eyebrows, forehead, eyes, ears, mouth, and more in Spanish. This quiz is a great way to improve your language skills.

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