Spanish Vocabulary: Family Members and Occupations

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What is the Spanish word for 'nurse'?


When describing your occupation in Spanish, do you use 'un/una'?

No, never

What is the feminine version of 'electricista' in Spanish?


How would you say 'I'm self-employed' in Spanish?

Soy autónomo

What is the English translation of the Spanish word 'abogado/a'?


Which of the following is a common misconception about describing occupations in Spanish?

'Un/Una' is always used before stating your occupation.

What is the Spanish term for a dentist?


Which item is commonly found on a desk in an office?

la grapadora (stapler)

In which lesson are you likely to learn about introducing yourself in different situations?

Lesson 2: The Office

Which of the following is NOT a typical occupation mentioned in the text?


What item is used for writing and can be found on a desk?

el bloc (notepad)

Which Spanish word refers to a desk drawer?

el cajón

How do you say 'What is your field?' in Spanish?

¿Cuál es su especialidad?

What is the equivalent of a master's degree in Spanish?


Where do students in Spain get selected for a bachelor's degree?

By an average of high school grades and an exam

What does 'Hago investigación en bioquímica' mean in English?

I am doing research in biochemistry

Which program leads to a PhD in Spain?


What is the correct translation of 'Estoy cursando la licenciatura en Turismo en la Universidad Estatal de Benguet'?

I'm taking up BS Tourism at Benguet State University.

Study Notes

Family Members in Spanish

  • Sister: hermana
  • Brother: hermano
  • Mother: madre
  • Father: padre
  • Son: hijo

Occupations in Spanish

  • Doctor: médico
  • Dentist: dentista
  • Nurse: enfermero/-a
  • Teacher: profesor/-sora
  • Lawyer: abogado/-a
  • Accountant: contable
  • Designer: diseñador/-a
  • Consultant: consultor/-a
  • Secretary: secretario/-a
  • Shopkeeper: comerciante
  • Electrician: electricista
  • Plumber: fontanero/-a
  • Cook/Chef: cocinero/-a
  • Handyman: albañil
  • Self-Employed: autónomo/-a
  • Boss: jefe
  • Employee: empleado
  • Trainee: aprendiz

Conversation Examples

  • What do you do?: ¿Cuál es su profesión?
  • I'm a lawyer: Soy abogado
  • I'm a consultant: Soy consultor
  • What company do you work for?: ¿Para qué empresa trabaja?
  • How interesting!: ¡Qué interesante!
  • And what is your profession?: ¿Y cuál es su profesión?

Office Vocabulary

  • Stapler: la grapadora
  • Screen: la pantalla
  • Keyboard: el teclado
  • Computer: el ordenador
  • Phone: el teléfono
  • Watch: el reloj
  • Printer: la impresora
  • Desk: la mesa de escritorio
  • Pen: el bolígrafo
  • Lamp: la lámpara
  • Notebook: el bloc
  • Drawer: el cajón

Academic World

  • What is your profession?: ¿Cuál es su profesión?
  • Bachelor's degree: una licenciatura
  • Master's degree: un máster
  • PhD: un doctorado
  • What is your field?: ¿Cuál es su especialidad?
  • I am doing research in biochemistry: Hago investigación en bioquímica.
  • I have a degree in law: Soy licenciado en derecho.

Test your knowledge of Spanish vocabulary for family members and occupations. Learn how to describe occupations in Spanish and distinguish between masculine and feminine forms of certain job titles.

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