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Which phrase means 'Good morning' in Spanish?

Buenos días

How would you say 'Pleased to meet you' in Spanish?

Mucho gusto

What does '¿Cómo está usted?' mean in English?

How are you (formal)

Which word means 'Thank you' in Spanish?


What is the Spanish phrase for 'See you later'?

Hasta luego

Study Notes

Greetings in Spanish

  • "Buenos días" means "Good morning" in Spanish.
  • "Encantado/a" means "Pleased to meet you" in Spanish, where "encantado" is for males and "encantada" is for females.
  • "¿Cómo está usted?" is a polite way to ask "How are you?" in Spanish.
  • "Gracias" means "Thank you" in Spanish.
  • "Hasta luego" is a common way to say "See you later" in Spanish.

Test your Spanish greetings and introductions with this quiz! Learn how to say good morning, good afternoon, and good night, as well as how to ask someone's name and introduce yourself. Practice common phrases and expressions to make a great first impression in Spanish-speaking countries.

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