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What is the term for gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect?

Greenhouse gases

What is the benefit of recycling?

It reduces the need for raw materials and saves energy.

What is essential for ecosystem stability?


What is the consequence of not taking action on climate change?

The effects of climate change will become irreversible.

What is the term for the process of contaminating water sources?


What is the correct sentence: 'Plastic bags ________ hundreds of years to decompose in landfills.'

are taking

What is the impact of deforestation in the Amazon on?

The global ecosystem

What are some consequences of climate change?

More frequent and severe weather events

What is a major driver of deforestation?

Expansion of crop land

How can the effects of climate change be mitigated?

Implementing sustainable development practices

Which environmental concern is associated with the term 'water scarcity'?

Insufficient access to clean water

What does deforestation contribute to environmental issues?

Negative impacts on climate change

What can help address deforestation and preserve forests and ecosystems?

Implementing sustainable forestry practices

How can pollution be combated to improve air quality?

Transitioning to renewable energy sources

What is a key aspect of sustainable development?

Promoting sustainable agriculture

How can water scarcity be addressed effectively?

Implementing water recycling practices

What is essential in addressing interconnected environmental problems?

Implementing sustainable solutions

Test your knowledge by matching English words with their Spanish meanings, determining the accuracy of statements related to environmental issues, and forming a sentence about biodiversity and ecosystem stability. Practice your translation skills and environmental vocabulary.

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