Spanish Days, Seasons, Weather, and Months

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Translate 'Clear' to Spanish.


How do you say 'January' in Spanish?


What is the Spanish pronunciation of 'Stormy'?


In Spanish, how do you say 'May'?


Translate 'Windy' to Spanish.


What is the Spanish word for 'Monday'?


Which season in Spanish is known as 'Primavera'?


How do you say 'Saturday' in Spanish?


What is the Spanish word for 'Summer'?


In Spanish, what is the translation for 'Thursday'?


Study Notes

Days of the Week in Spanish

Days of the week in Spanish are often used when referring to specific dates or scheduling events. They are also useful for understanding holiday schedules and other cultural practices. Here's how they translate into English:

Day Translation Pronunciation
Monday Lunes loo-nayz
Tuesday Martes mar-tays
Wednesday Miércoles mee-air-koh-les
Thursday Jueves juh-vehz
Friday Viernes ble-eh-nayz
Saturday Sábado sah-bah-doh
Sunday Domingo doh-min-go

Seasons in Spanish

The seasons in Spanish align with those in most Western countries, including Spain, Mexico, and Central America. The differences lie mainly in the naming of the transition periods. Here's how they translate into English:

Season Transition Period Translation Pronunciation
Spring Primavera pree-mah-vehr-ah
Summer Verano veh-rah-noh
Autumn Otoño oh-toh-nyoh
Winter Invierno een-veyr-noh

Each season also has its own month. For instance, spring is from February to April, while summer is from May to July.

Weather Conditions in Spanish

Describing weather conditions is important in many aspects of daily life. Here's how you can express common weather conditions in Spanish, along with their pronunciations:

Condition Translation Pronunciation
Clear Claro klah-roh
Cloudy Nublado nuhl-buh-lah-doh
Rainy Llovioso yoh-voo-see-oh
Windy Viento bei-ent-toh
Stormy Tormentoso tor-men-ten-tuh-soh

Months of the Year in Spanish

Months of the year have specific names in different languages. Here's how they translate into Spanish, along with their pronunciations:

Month Translation Pronunciation
January Enero eh-noh-roh
February Febrero fehb-ray-roh
March Marzo mahr-thoh
April Abril ah-breel
May Mayo may-oh
June Junio hoo-nee-oh
July Julio hool-ee-oh
August Agosto ah-goh-stoh
September Septiembre sehpti-may-bee-em
October Octubre oht-too-bray
November Noviembre nohv-ee-mee-bey-em
December Diciembre dehs-ee-em-breh

Learn the days of the week, seasons, common weather conditions, and months of the year in Spanish. This quiz provides translations and pronunciations to help you master these important terms in the Spanish language.

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