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What is the Spanish word for 'Monday'?


Which season in Spanish is associated with the word 'Primavera'?


What is the Spanish word for 'August'?


Which of the following words in Spanish means 'snowstorm'?


How do you express 'cloudy' in Spanish?


In Spain, what unit is typically used to measure temperature?


How do you say 'cero grados' in English?

Zero degrees

What is the correct way to express '80 °C' in Spanish?

Ochenta grados

How would you say 'ninety and eight degrees Fahrenheit' in Spanish?

Noventa y ocho grados Fahrenheit

Which term refers to 'the months of the year' in Spanish?

Los meses del año

What does 'las estaciones del año' refer to in Spanish?

The seasons of the year

Study Notes

Spanish Dates and Weather

Understanding the Spanish language is crucial when dealing with dates and weather forecasts. Spanish, spoken by over 470 million people worldwide, is the second most spoken language after Mandarin Chinese. It is the official language of 21 countries, including Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and many more. Here's how you can navigate the days of the week, months of the year, seasons, weather vocabulary, and express temperatures in Spanish.

Days of the Week in Spanish

The seven days of the week in Spanish are as follows:

English Spanish
Monday Lunes
Tuesday Martes
Wednesday Miércoles
Thursday Jueves
Friday Viernes
Saturday Sábado
Sunday Domingo

Months of the Year in Spanish

The twelve months of the year in Spanish are as follows:

English Spanish
January Enero
February Febrero
March Marzo
April Abril
May Mayo
June Junio
July Julio
August Agosto
September Septiembre
October Octubre
November Noviembre
December Diciembre

Seasons in Spanish

In Spanish, there are four seasons:

English Spanish
Spring Primavera
Summer Verano
Autumn Otoño
Winter Invierno

Weather Vocabulary in Spanish

Here are some weather-related words and phrases in Spanish:

  • Desierto: desert
  • Nuboso: cloudy
  • Lluvioso: rainy
  • Húmedo: humid
  • Nieve: snow
  • Tempestuoso: stormy
  • Caluroso: hot
  • Frío: cold
  • Cálido: warm
  • Húmedo: humid
  • Viento: wind
  • Tormenta: storm
  • Tifón: typhoon
  • Huracán: hurricane
  • Ciclón: cyclone
  • Turbulencia: turbulence
  • Bajo: low
  • Alto: high
  • Vuelo: flight
  • Aeronave: aircraft
  • Aeropuerto: airport
  • Cielo: sky
  • Niebla: fog
  • Nubes: clouds
  • Rayas: stripes
  • Fusión: fusion
  • Agujero: hole
  • Convección: convection
  • Vapor: steam
  • Lámina: sheet
  • Nubecula: cloudlet
  • Zona: zone
  • Ventisca: ice floe
  • Tormenta eléctrica: electrical storm
  • Tormenta de arena: sandstorm
  • Tormenta de polvo: dust storm
  • Tormenta seca: dry storm
  • Tormenta de hielo: icy storm
  • Tormenta de nieve: snowstorm

Expressing Temperatures in Spanish

In Spain, the temperature is usually given in Celsius. Here's how you can express temperatures in Spanish:

  • 0 °C: cero grados
  • 20 °C: veinte grados
  • 30 °C: treinta grados
  • 40 °C: cuarenta grados
  • 50 °C: cincuenta grados
  • 60 °C: sesenta grados
  • 70 °C: setenta grados
  • 80 °C: ochenta grados
  • 90 °C: noventa grados
  • 100 °C: cien grados

In Latin America, the temperature is usually given in Fahrenheit. To express a temperature in Spanish, you can use the word "grados" after the temperature. For example:

  • 32 °F: treinta y dos grados Fahrenheit
  • 68 °F: sesenta y ocho grados Fahrenheit
  • 98 °F: noventa y ocho grados Fahrenheit

In conclusion, understanding Spanish is crucial when dealing with dates and weather forecasts, especially in Spanish-speaking countries. By learning the days of the week, months of the year, seasons, weather vocabulary, and expressing temperatures in Spanish, you can effectively communicate and navigate the Spanish language.

Test your knowledge of Spanish dates, weather vocabulary, and expressions for temperatures with this quiz. Learn the days of the week, months of the year, seasons, weather-related words, and how to express temperatures in Spanish. Enhance your language skills and expand your understanding of the Spanish language.

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