Space Exploration and the Solar System

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What is the estimated average temperature in the exosphere of Mars?


During which period of solar activity were the initial findings observed?

Moderate solar activity

Why was the period near Mars' closest approach to the Sun chosen for observation?

It experiences the most significant atmospheric changes

What is the primary purpose of the Mars Exospheric Neutral Composition Analyser (MENCA)?

To analyze the Martian exosphere

What was the maximum number of argon atoms detected per cubic centimeter in the Martian exosphere?

5 x 105

At what altitude was the maximum number of argon atoms detected in the Martian exosphere?

250 kilometers

During which month did the MENCA instrument collect data for the research?

December 2014

What is the purpose of studying the Martian exosphere and its interactions with the rest of the planet?

To refine models of gas escape from Mars' atmosphere

What is the name of the Indian mission that carried the MENCA instrument?

Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)

What is the element analyzed by the MENCA instrument in the Martian exosphere?

Argon (Ar)

This quiz explores the history of space missions and the spacecraft that have crossed the solar system, studying planets, satellites, and asteroids.

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