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Southeast Asia Geography and Early Human Settlement

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What was the approximate time when early human hunter-gatherer societies began exploring the coastal areas of Southeast Asia?

40,000 years ago

What technology did people from China and Nepal bring with them when they migrated to Southeast Asia?

Farming technology

What are the two main geographical sections of Southeast Asia?

Indochina and the Malaysian peninsula

What was the primary source of food for the island peoples in Southeast Asia?

Fruits from the jungle and fish

How many islands are there in Southeast Asia?

At least 20,000

What kind of climate do the regions of Southeast Asia primarily have?

Tropical and maritime

What was the primary activity of the people on the mainland of Southeast Asia?

Growing food crops such as rice

What made Southeast Asia an attractive location for traders and merchants?

The presence of shallow seas between islands and predictable monsoon winds

Which of the following had the strongest cultural influence in Southeast Asia?

Indian culture

What was the primary reason for the spread of Islam in Indonesia during the 13th century CE?

The spice trade

What was unique about how Southeast Asian cultures adopted influences from other cultures?

They picked and chose what to adopt and not adopt

What was the primary reason for the establishment of Dutch colonies in Jakarta and Java?

To control the spice trade

What is a significant example of Indian architecture in Southeast Asia?

The temple city of Angkor Wat

What was the result of the blending of Arabic language with native tongues in Southeast Asia?

A language like Malay was formed

What is a legacy of French colonialism in Southeast Asia?

French architecture and names in Indochina

Explore the geography of Southeast Asia and learn about the early human settlements in the region, including the migration of people from China and Nepal. Discover how the lower water level around 40,000 years ago shaped the region's demographics.

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