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Which of the following activities demonstrates the production of sound by a vibrating body?

Striking a metal plate with a stick and feeling the vibrations

What happens when a tightly stretched band is plucked and then stops vibrating?

It produces no sound

What would you feel when holding a metal plate tightly immediately after striking it?

No vibrations

What is the to and fro or back and forth motion of an object called?


What does striking a metal dish with a spoon and pouring water into it demonstrate?

Production of sound by a vibrating body

What is the term for the to and fro or back and forth motion of an object?


What happens when a tightly stretched band is plucked?

It vibrates and produces sound

What is the result when a metal plate is struck and held tightly with hands immediately after striking?

You still hear the sound

What is produced when a metal dish is struck at its edge with a spoon?


What does the activity with the school bell and feeling it when not in use and when producing sound demonstrate?

The ability to feel vibrations

Test your understanding of sound production and vibrations with this quiz. Explore how sound is produced by vibrating bodies and discover if you can feel the vibrations. Get ready to experiment with a metal plate or pan and observe the connection between striking it and hearing a sound.

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