Solid State Chemistry Basics

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Which type of solid possesses a characteristic heat of fusion?

Crystalline solid

What type of bond holds atoms, ions, and molecules together in solids?

Ionic bond

What characteristic distinguishes solids from gases in terms of density and compressibility?

High density and low compressibility

What is the defining characteristic of a crystalline solid?

Atoms, molecules, or ions arranged in a regular, repeating three-dimensional pattern

What disappears completely when a gas is ideal?

Intermolecular attraction

Study Notes

Solids and Their Characteristics

  • A solid with a characteristic heat of fusion is an amorphous solid.

Bonding in Solids

  • Atoms, ions, and molecules are held together in solids by intermolecular forces or electrostatic forces.

Solids vs. Gases

  • Solids are distinguished from gases in that they have a fixed density and are incompressible, whereas gases have varying density and are compressible.

Crystalline Solids

  • The defining characteristic of a crystalline solid is that it has a repeating pattern of atoms, ions, or molecules arranged in a crystal lattice.

Ideal Gases

  • The intermolecular forces between gas molecules disappear completely when a gas is ideal.

Test your knowledge of the fundamental concepts of solid state chemistry including synthesis, structure, bonding, reactivity, and physical properties of solids.

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